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Glad you stopped by our page! We're the Cornbury Society, a social, educational and support group for crossdressers based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

We welcome all who choose to dress opposite from their birth or anatomical gender, without regard for your reasons for doing so or how often you do so. We also welcome your spouses and significant others and others in the community who support you.

Our site is for the information and education of the browsing public, for people looking for resources on gender identity and related issues and for communication with our club membership. If you're looking for pornography there are thousands of sites available to you, but this isn't one of them. That said, this site does deal with the subject of crossdressing and that may be offensive to some. Should you choose to stay, please read on with an open mind.

We're always looking for new members and for ways to reach out to support the closeted, the timidly emerging and the out-and-proud crossdressers in our community.

Note - if you wish to simply create an account on this site without joining the Society, please send an email to explaining why you wish to do so. You can no longer create your own account, for which we apologise.

Comments or problems with this web site should be addressed to .

free shoes

free shoes

Up coming community events

All Trans & Gender Diverse People Are Welcome to Attend:
ART GROUP: Sunday March 9 from 5-7pm
Fun & relaxed drop-in setting.
Facilitated by Sam Kaplan & Beth Clark
1145 Commercial Drive

YOGA WITH RAVEN: Wednesday March 12 from 7:30-8:30pm
Great for first-timers! Bring a non-trans buddy, if you like.
At 131 West Hastings, 10th floor (buzz to enter)

COMMUNITY KITCHEN: Sunday March 23 from 4:30-7:30pm
Socialize, Cook, Eat!
1145 Commercial Drive
Please RSVP if you can by emailing

name change information has been updated.

added and corrected some of the links. on the page.

Do we setup a second monthly event to occur on the 4th tuesday each month at a new location?

93% (14 votes)
7% (1 vote)
Total votes: 15

Looking for new members

I am a member of Cornbury and I see 10 visitors on our site. This is a personal invitation to join us. We all
have something in common to share and talk about. We probably are on a slightly different journey but a very similar journey. It is amazing how our story's start.
I tried on my mom's _____ or I like to wear female under
wear. When it was dark enough I put on a dress panty hose

Would you come to a reunion of all current and past Cornbury members?

yes. I am a current Cornbury member
92% (11 votes)
yes. I am a past Cornbury member
8% (1 vote)
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 12

Scary Sparkle Party

Scary Sparkle Party

Joy Sharon and Gail Cornbury at the VPL LGBT Information fair

Joy Sharon and Gail Cornbury at the VPL LGBT Information fair

We had a great day, and we talked with several other groups also at dispaly there we handed out almost 2 dozen pamphlets and information to people over 4 hours there. I felt it was a very successful day.

LGBT Information Fair

"SAT JULY 21: LGBTQ INFORMATION FAIR AT the Vancouver Public Library,
Main Branch, Georgia Street

"There are a few tables available. If you know of a queer organization
who might be interested, have them contact Patti Mills at 604-331-2687

April AGM

I was happy to finally make a meeting. It was wonderful to reconect with some gals and meet some new friends. For those who wern't there I hope you can make the meeting on May 8. We need to continue our discussion of our leadership and direction. We got off track talking about Esprit. We had an exmember volunteer to represent us at next years Esprit planning meetings. And a gentle reminder ladies.....since you are reading this.... this site costs about $500 per year. So the dues are important. That is a hint. See you on the 8th I hope.

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